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Smoking Cessation

Our Pharmacist will give you advice through our smoking cessation service and help you quit and lead a healthier life

Smoking Cessation Service

Want to kick the habit?  Speak to our pharmacist about our FREE NHS Stop Smoking Service.

Many smokers want to stop smoking, but don’t know where to start.  At Rx Pharmacy we can supply you Nicotine replacement products through our NHS Smoking Cessation Program. No appointments needed – just walk in.
No lectures – we’re here to help, not give you a hard time and to give support and advice tailored to suit your requirements.

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Our Pharmacies

  • Carstairs - 73a Lanark Rd, Carstairs
    Glasgow, ML11 8QL
    Tel: 01555 870 948
  • Cumbernauld - 34 Main Street
    Glasgow, G67 2RX
    Tel: 01236 721 939
  • Partick - 364a Dumbarton Rd
    Glasgow, G11 6RZ
    Tel: 0141 334 0353
  • Balornock - 51 Red Court
    Glasgow, G21 4PL
    Tel: 0141 557 0179


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